There are people who play a “Shell Game” with Christians or those trying to find out more about the Christian faith. They use Faulty Logic to divert their focus from Biblical Proof and eyewitness accounts that Christ is the Son of God and make a faulty point to confuse them. They might say things such as:

The Bible says Jesus Christ Is the Son of God, but the Bible has inconsistencies, which they call lies.

This is a False Analogy, because the inconsistencies in the Bible are generally related to wording and writing style which doesn't invalidate the truthfulness of the Bible or that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!. On top of that, these people try to make Christians feel foolish for ever believing the Bible or that Jesus Christ Is the Son of God. Don’t fall prey to their Shell Game!"

Does it Really Matter if Jonah was in a Whale's Belly for 3 Days or if it was the Belly of a Large Fish?

 Does it Really Matter if Jonah was in a Whale's Belly for 3 Days or if it was the Belly of a Large Fish?

I was just reading Matthew 12 this morning, and I was so excited! There are people in our world who try to find any itsy bitsy inconsistency in the Bible and try to say it makes the Bible invalid, thus disproving God sent Jesus, His Son, to be our Savior.  Now, is that really true?

I will primarily use the King James Version Bible [KJV] to do further research on this issue and other internet resources, as necessary. I will put my analysis, observations, and comments within [brackets]. I will put more common words, who is speaking, or being spoken to, within brackets, as well.  You can also find this and other Biblical research projects in their entirety on: Do Biblical Inconsistencies Really Matter? Found at 

Now, the main Bible passage in question comes from The Book of Jonah, chapter 1, verses: 14-17. [Back story:] This is when Jonah didn't want to go warn the people of Nineveh, as the Lord God had asked him, so Jonah got on a ship and fled away. There was a tremendous storm. Those on the ship have just drawn lots, kind of like pulling straws, to determine which person on the ship has brought this trouble upon them. 

[Therefore,] they cried [out] to the Lord, and said, We [beg] You, O Lord, we [beg] that you let us not perish for this man's [Jonah's] life, and don't lay upon us innocent blood: for You, O lord, have done as it pleased You. So, they took up Jonah, and [threw him out] into the sea. The sea [stopped its] raging [was calm]. Then the men exceedingly feared [respected] the Lord and offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made vows. Now, the Lord had prepared a great [large] fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and Three nights.

[First of all, does it really matter if Jonah was in the belly of a large fish or a whale? Not really.]

[Does the possibility of this difference in any way discredit the validity of the Bible? Not, in the least. It is potentially a minor inconsistency of terms.]

[Can using the word 'whale' or the word 'fish' invalidate that God sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to be our Savior? Nothing related to that term or any other potentially inconsistent terms in the Bible, can invalidate that God sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to be our Savior.]

This is just for your information, Jonah 2:7-10 says: When my [Jonah's] soul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord. And my prayer came to You [God,] into Your holy temple. [Those who] who observe lying vanities [worship false gods,] [abandon] their own mercy. But I will sacrifice to You with the voice of thanksgiving. I will pay [all] that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord. And the Lord spoke to the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon dry ground. 

[The rest of the Back Story:] Jonah reluctantly warned the big city of Nineveh to turn from worshiping false gods, and they changed their ways, and the Lord God, didn't destroy the city. Jonah sat on a hillside, because He was angry with the Lord, because He was merciful to Nineveh, and He didn't destroy the city. The Lord had a plant with a gourd grow up and shaded Jonah as he watched. The next day, God had a worm destroy the plant, and it withered. There was a strong wind and the sun beat down on Jonah's head, he fainted, and when he revived, he wished he would die. The Lord God told Jonah, that Jonah had felt bad about the plant that withered, that he hadn't even grown, in contrast to how the Lord God had compassion on Nineveh, an extremely large city, with 120,000 people.

Back to the part that I was so excited about. It's within Matthew 12:38-41. Then certain of the scribes and the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would [like to] see a sign from You. But [Jesus] answered, and said to them, An evil and adulterous [unfaithful to the Lord God] generation, seeks after a sign. There shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the prophet, [Jonah;] [since Jonah] was three days and three nights in the whale's belly. [Also,] shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they [the men of Nineveh] repented at the preaching of [Jonah;] and Behold, a [someone] greater than [Jonah] is here.

So, in foretelling His own death and being in the tomb for three days and resurrection, Jesus does say that Jonah was in the belly of a whale. That clarifies that, but again, was it even significant if Jonah was swallowed by a whale or a large fish? Of course not!

Unfortunately, there are those who try to undermine the Christian faith by saying the Bible is full of lies and that try to make the case that disproves that God sent His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior. These people use little tiny inconsistencies, at most, to try to invalidate the Bible. Fortunately, you are someone who wants to know what really is true and what isn't. Therefore, I am including this pertinent information from a prior blog post of mine.

[How do we know that God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son for Us?]

[Think about it. How Could the Exact Things Done to Jesus, be Predicted All These 100+ Years Before His Birth, if it weren't for God the Father's Having Prophets Write These Predictions down to Be Included in the Bible! God knew that some would doubt, so He left us Biblical evidence, so We Know Jesus is Truly the Son of God by Fulfilling These Predictions!]

       Prediction in Psalm About Jesus being God’s Son

[God Letting David Know Something He Will Say to His Only Begotten Son, Jesus]

·         I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto Me, Thou art My Son; this day have I begotten Thee. Psalm 2:7

·         New Testament Proof this prediction was fulfilled: God hath fulfilled the same unto us their children, in that He hath raised up Jesus again; as it is also written in the second Psalm, Thou art My Son, this day, have I begotten Thee. Acts 13:33

Predicting a Virgin will Bear the Son of God

·         Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Butter and honey shall He eat, that He may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good. For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. Isaiah 7:14-16

·         New Testament Proof of Prediction fulfilled: Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not wanting to make her a public example, was minded to put her away secretly. But while he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. '' and she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.” Then Joseph, being aroused from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took to him his wife, and did not know her till she had brought forth her firstborn Son. And he called His name Jesus. Matthew 1:18-25

Plot to Betray Jesus:

Predicting the 30 Pieces of Silver Judas was Given to Betray Jesus, is Used for Potter's Field

·         And I said unto them, If ye think good, give me my price; and if not, forbear. So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver. And the Lord said unto me, cast it unto the potter: a goodly price that I was [priced] of them. And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them to the potter in the house of the Lord. Zechariah 11:12-13

·         New Testament Proof of the Prediction fulfillment: And they consulted together and bought with them the potter’s field, to bury strangers in. Therefore that field has been called the Field of Blood to this day. Then was fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying, “And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the value of Him who was priced, whom they of the children of Israel priced, “and gave them for the potter’s field, as the Lord directed me.” Matthew 27:7-10  

This Predicts Jesus' Disciple, Judas, Would Betray Him

·         Yea, Mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of My bread, hath lifted up his heel against Me. Psalm 41:9

·         This is More than just New Testament Proof of fulfillment, because this particular Bible passage shows Jesus knows full well He is going to be betrayed by Judas. Who else could do that, but God’s Son, Jesus? : When Jesus had said these things, He was troubled in spirit, and testified and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, one of you will betray Me.” Then the disciples looked at one another, perplexed about whom He spoke. Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples whom Jesus loved. Simon Peter therefore motioned to him to ask who it was of whom He spoke. Then, leaning back on Jesus’ breast, he said to Him, “Lord, who is it?” Jesus answered, “It is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread when I have dipped it.” And having dipped the bread, He gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. Now after the piece of bread, Satan entered him [Judas]. Then Jesus said to him, “What you do, do quickly.” But no one at the table knew for what reason He said this to him. For some thought, because Judas had the money box, that Jesus had said to him, “Buy those things we need for the feast, “ or that he should give something to the poor. Having received the piece of bread, he then went out immediately, And it was night. John 13:21-30

·         More New Testament Proof of the Prediction fulfillment: And while He [Jesus] was still speaking, behold, Judas, one of the twelve, with a great multitude with swords and clubs, came from the chief priests and elders of the people. Now His betrayer had given them a sign, saying “Whomever I kiss, He is the One; seize Him.” Immediately he went up to Jesus and said, “Greetings, Rabbi!” and kissed Him. But Jesus said to him, “Friend, why have you come?” Then they came and laid hands on Jesus and took Him. Matthew 26:47-50

Predicts That Jesus Will Be Beat and Spit Upon Before They Crucify Him 

·         The Lord God hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back. I gave My back to the smitters, and My cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not My face from shame and spitting. For the Lord God will help Me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set My face like flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. Isaiah 50:6-7

·         New Testament Proof of the Prediction fulfillment: Then released he Barabas unto them: and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered Him to be crucified. Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the common hall, and gathered unto him the whole band of soldiers. And they stripped Him, and put on Him a scarlet robe. And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon His head, and a reed in His right hand: and they bowed the knee before Him, and mocked Him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! And they spit upon Him, and took the reed, and smote Him on the head. And after that they had mocked Him, they took the robe off from Him, and put His own raiment on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him. Matthew 27:26-31 [Jesus knew He would have to go through all of this in order to save us from our sins, so that believers could have salvation in heaven with Him, some day. If it were me, and I knew people were going to spit on me, mock me, and beat me, it would have been a real game changer, but Jesus went through all of this for us anyway, knowing all of this in advance!] 

Predicting Bystanders Would Divide Jesus' Clothes & Cast Lots for His Coat

·         They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon My vesture. Psalm 22:18

·         New Testament Proof of the Prediction fulfillment: Then they crucified Him, and divided His garments, casting lots, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet: “They divided My garments among them. And for My clothing they cast lots.” Matthew 27:35

Predicts The Piercing of Jesus' Hands & Feet When They Nailed Him on the Cross

·         For dogs have compassed Me: the assembly of the wicked have [enclosed] Me: they pierced My hands and My feet. Psalm 22:16

·         New Testament Proof of the Prediction fulfillment- the same day Jesus arose from the grave: Now as they said these things, Jesus Himself stood in the midst of them, and said to them, “Peace to you.” But they were terrified and frightened, and supposed they had seen a spirit. And He said to them, “Why are you troubled? And why do doubts arise in your hearts? “Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself. Handle Me and see for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have.” When He had said this, he showed them His hands and His feet. Luke 24:36-40

100’s of years before Jesus was Born, It was predicted What Jesus would Say on the Cross When He Died for Our Redemption:

·         My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? Why art Thou so far from helping Me, and from the words of My roaring? Psalm 22:1

·         New Testament Proof this verse was fulfilled is in Matthew 27:45-46: Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

Predicting Jesus Wouldn't Suffer Corruption [His body wouldn’t rot!]

·         For Thou wilt not leave My soul in hell; neither wilt Thou suffer Thine Holy One to see corruption. Psalm 16:10

·         The fulfillment of this verse is in John 20:25-29 when Jesus shows Himself to the disciples the second time after arising from the grave: The other disciples therefore said to him [Thomas], We have seen the Lord.” So he [Thomas] said to them, unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” And after eight days His disciples were again inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, “Peace to you!” Then He [Jesus] said to Thomas, “Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing.” And Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.

[You’ve heard all these predictions of Jesus being the Only Begotten Son of God, His Birth, Betrayal, Death, and Resurrection and the Fulfillment of these. Here are some additional noteworthy passages, so you are not led astray by those who would try to dissuade Christians from believing in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.]

Jude Forewarns Us of Those Trying to Lead Believers Astray from Love of God and Jesus Christ, His Son

Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called: Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied. Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jude v.1-4

Jesus Christ, God's Son,  Washed Our Sins From Us When He Died and Arose from the Dead

And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto Him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father; to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Revelation 1:5-6

[Jesus Tells John in the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ: They Should Stay Strong, Hold Fast, and Repent, because Jesus Comes Like a Thief in the Night, and Believers Undefiled Shall Walk in White with Him & Jesus Will Not Blot Out Their Name from the Book of Life, but Will Confess Their Name to God the Father, and They Should Focus on What the Holy Spirit Says to the Churches]

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with Me in white: for they are worthy. He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white [clothes]; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before My Father, and before His angels. He that hath and ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Revelation 3:2-7


[After all my research analysis, I have also determined that it is very consistent that God gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to Save Us.

[Why is it significant that God gave His Only Begotten Son to Save Us?]

Romans 6:23 says: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  

1 John 4:9-10 says: In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation/substitute for our sins.

1 Peter 1:17-21 says: And if you call on the Father, who without partiality judges according to each one’ work, conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear; knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot. He indeed was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you who through Him believe in God, who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.]

[Not only do I base my analysis on all the predictions about Jesus in the Old Testament and fulfillment in the New Testament, but also on the following Bible verses.]

When He [Jesus] had been baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold the, the heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove alighting upon Him. And suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:16-17

It came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John in the Jordan [River]. And immediately, coming up from the water, He saw the heavens parting and the Spirit descending upon Him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  Mark 1:9-11

When all the people were baptized, it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized; and while He prayed, the heaven was opened. And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven which said, “You are My beloved Son; in You I am well pleased.” Luke 3:21-22 

And John [the Baptist] bore witness, saying, “I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and He remained upon Him [Jesus.]  “I did not know Him, but He [God the Father] who sent me to baptize with water said to me, ‘Upon whom you see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.’ And I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.” Again, the next day, John [the Baptist] stood with two of his disciples. And looking at Jesus as He walked, he said, “Behold the Lamb of God!” John 1:32-36

At Jesus’ Transfiguration before He betrayed: While he was still speaking, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and suddenly a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!” Matthew 17:5

And a cloud came and overshadowed them; and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” Mark 9:7

While he [Peter] was saying this, a cloud came and overshadowed them; and they were fearful as they entered the cloud. And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” Luke 9:34-35

“Now My soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save Me from this hour’? But for this purpose I came to this hour. “Father, glorify Your name.” Then a voice came from heaven, saying, “I have both glorified it and will glorify it again.” John 12:27-28

For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty. For He received from God the Father honor and glory when such a voice came to Him from the Excellent Glory: “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” 2 Peter 1:16-17

Remember John 3:16-21 where Jesus says:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”

[My advice to you is to follow Jesus, the Light of the World, that can lead believers to Salvation in Heaven with Him someday.]